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  1. Misha Angrist wrote about the implications of personal genome sequencing in “Warts and all.”

  1. I think most everyone would agree that affordable whole-genome sequencing will be around long before we understand the information it reveals. I asked another member of The DNA Network, The Gene Sherpa his opinion on the matter. Genome Technology Online also thought it was an interesting discussion. And by the way, the Genome Technology Online’s daily newsletter is a great way to stay up-to-date.

  1. DNA Consulting is launching an online forum called DNA Ancestor Communities (from Family Tree Magazine).

  1. At Venturebeat: lifesciences, David Hamilton wrote a great post about genome sequencing and insurance – “Personal genomics and the end of insurance.” It received a lot of attention this week, including a mention in Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter.

  1. EyeonDNA has a clip of Craig Venter from the Charlie Rose show in 2000, back before Venter was able to browse his entire genomic sequence.

  1. Jay Flatley of Illumina revealed more information about future products being offered by 23andMe. Naturally, it received a lot of attention (be sure to read the comments as well):

o I wrote about it here at The Genetic Genealogist;

o VentureBeat: lifesciences wrote an article, and ended with: “Rumors of yet a third, still stealthy, personal-genomics startup are also swirling around the Valley.” Any ideas?

o Another early mention came from Megan’s Roots World, who, like me, picked up on the fact that 23andMe is initially focusing on ancestry.

o business|bytes|genes|molecules wrote an interesting post.

o GigaOM has a very brief mention.

o Genome Technology Online links back to the Forbes article as well.

o Frostfire has a short post and applies the “the Frostfire Buzz Test.”

o A conversation is going on over at Ungrateful Little Bastard.

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