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  3. JACQUELINE C POST 18 October 2019 / 12:15 pm

    Hi. I need help with your chart. I am trying to find my grandfather’s father – Harold or George. The oldest living person in this line is Harold’s daughter Jean, and I am using my mother Sindee’s DNA as my grandfather is deceased. If George is the father, then Jean is a half-Aunt to Sindee. If Harold is the father, then I *thought* that Sindee and Jean would be 1C1R, but the chart has a dotted line beneath the Great Aunt/Uncle section leading to 2C. Can you tell me if that means I should be looking at 2C data for this potential relationship, or do I skip across the chart to 1C1R. My Mother and Jean share 525cm, so you see I really have to better understand how to read your chart so I might determine who is my grandfather’s father. Thank you for clarifying, and I appreciate this site immensely.

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