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The last time I counted there are at least 21 unique companies offering DNA testing for genealogical purposes, either Y-chromosome, mtDNA, or autosomal testing (see the Sidebar to the right for a listing).  To get a clearer picture of what each company offers I created a master list of every company and the services they offer.  See here.

While compiling the list I also gathered information about the markers that each Y-chromosome test analyzed.  See here.  There are of course the standard markers offered by most companies as well as the markers offered by only a single company.  What company have you been tested by?

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  1. Andrew Forster 10 April 2007 / 7:19 am


    Your comparison list has been brought to our attention.

    Could you please correct the entries for Roots For Real
    ( and Cambridge DNA Services
    ( as follows:

    We type the complex loci DYS398 as DYS389-m, DYS389-n, DYS389-p,
    DYS389-q; for the details please read:
    “A Short Tandem Repeat-Based Phylogeny for the Human Y Chromosome”,
    Forster et al., 2000:

    In our Y-DNA ancestry test we also include DXYS156(-X/-Y). So our Y-DNA
    ancestry test is in fact 14 and not a 10 marker test.

    Please note that our Y-DNA ancestry test is a so called “deep” or
    “ancient ancestry” test, where we are primarily interested in including
    the markers which are informative for identification of indigenous descent.

    Therefor it might make more sense to split the list into one for “surname project”
    tests (which need a high marker count to detect recent ancestry between
    two persons) and one for “deep ancestry” tests.

    Andrew Forster

    Cambridge DNA Services

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