The Monday Morning DNA Testing Company Review – Argus Biosciences

header11.jpgArgus BioSciences, located in Belmont, California, is an up-and-coming company offering DNA sequencing for the study of genetic genealogy. Founded in 2003 by Dr. David Whyte, the company offers mtDNA sequencing and haplotype determination.

Although Argus is currently (as of March 2007) offering only mtDNA testing, all products are being offered at a greatly reduced rate. Sequencing of the hypervariable region (which includes HVR1-3) is offered for only $125.00 (regularly $149). You can compare this price to those offered by other companies in my DNA testing company comparison chart. Additionally, Argus is offering complete sequencing of the entire mitochondrial genome (16, 569 bases) for $345 (regularly $695). The company will also accept four monthly payments of $95 to pay for a full sequencing (to inquire, contact Argus at [email protected]). Currently only one other company (Family Tree DNA) offers complete mtDNA sequencing as a regular product.

To expand its services, Argus recently announced that it has teamed up with Marligen Biosciences to offer Y-chromosome haplotyping in the near future.

Interestingly, Argus offers a variety of non-genealogical DNA sequencing (can any DNA sequencing be considered non-genealogical, I wonder?), including cancer tissue screening and sequencing of your gene of interest. Click here to see a list of the genes that they sequence. The company does require that there be 30 samples in a batch to initiate sequencing. To inquire about prices and genes sequenced, contact Argus.

Mitochondrial sequencing results from the company include detailed sequencing results with lengthy analysis of each polymorphism detected, an extensive phylogenetic tree of global mitochondrial DNA, and an mtDNA migration map.

The website has a lengthy FAQ page as well as an informational page examining the use of mitochondrial DNA for genealogical purposes.

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