Learning More About DNA and Genetics at DnaTube

I just happened across a new site called DnaTube.com Scientific Video Site. According to the website:

“DnaTube is a scientific research site providing video based studies, lecturers and seminars. Our goal is to contribute science by generating self-growing community who shares their scientific experiences. Most of DnaTube members are graduate students from universities of all countries.”

There’s a very brief introduction to DNA, genes, and inheritence.  Even better, I watched a FASCINATING video showing the 3D structure of a mitochondria.  For anyone who’s purchased a mtDNA genealogy test, this is a great video to understand more about mitochondria. I also watched a very cool video about red blood cells.

It looks as thought DnaTube is just starting, so check back often to see what’s new and interesting.

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  1. Thomas Hamburger Jnr 2 April 2007 / 7:26 pm

    Having just chanced upon your site, I’m wondering whether it’s not too late to introduce the subject of DNA testing to the Harry McFry Investigates story I’m currently writing, via my blog.

    Maybe Harry can gather some DNA samples from somewhere and help him trace Laurel McFry’s father?

    Great to see a serious subject being tackled in such an interesting way via your blog, though!

    Kind Regards


  2. Tim Agazio 3 April 2007 / 6:09 am

    This DnaTube post of yours was great…I never would have seen it if I didn’t visit your blog often. Thanks for the post.


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