The Phylogeography of African Brazilians

southamerica2.jpg A recent study (epub ahead of print) published in Human Heredity examines the Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroups of 120 black males from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Approximately four million Africans were taken as slaves to Brazil where they interbred extensively with Amerindians and Europeans. Previous studies from this group have shown that while white Brazilians have predominately European Y-DNA, they have high a proportion of African and Amerindian mtDNA.

Interestingly, the study showed that while only 48% of the Y-DNA was characteristic of sub-Saharan Africa, 85% of the mtDNA appeared to be of African origin. The authors also used the results to estimate the ancestral contribution of Central-West, West, and Southeast Africa to African Brazilians from Sao Paulo. I can’t reveal those time estimates, however, because I don’t have access to the article.

The supplemental data is free, including a supplementary table (pdf) of the HVS-I (16065-16365) sequence variations from each of the 120 individuals.

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  1. Ronald B. Saunders 21 February 2009 / 1:01 pm

    It is agreed by most of the foremost scholars in the world in the academic disciplines of histroy,anthroplogy,archaeology,genetics,microbiology, that mankinds origin are in area in east africa known as the rift valley.More importantly a 2.33-million-year old jaw bone found in Ethipoia is the oldest positively dated fossil in the immediate human family.And it suggest that the earliest members of that group,the genius Homo,may have been the world’s first toolmakers.
    The upper jaw bone was found on a hillside along with a scattering of crude tools. It extends the Homo lineage by 400,000 years ,say researchers from the Institute of Human Origins in Berkeley,CA.
    As the oldest fossil associated with the tools,the find strengthens the idea that direct ancestors of modern humans,rather than a closely realted group called Australopithecines,developed toolmaking between 2 million and 3 million years ago.The issue has been difficult because tools as old as 2.35 million years have been discovered,but never in associated with human remains.
    Every human being living on planet earth is a direct descendant of the Sand-Bushmen of the kolahari region of the southern rift valley in east africa,who are still living in said area of the valley.All modern human beings ancestors come from the Sand-Bushmen. Therefore all mt.DNA should reveal this african gene trait in humans if the DNA testing is accurate. It’s not a question of being failry accurate but 100% accurate. If not ,then those tests are flawed. Modern day humans took several routes as they migrated out of Africa(East). The first route taken on the migration out of Africa was the costal route through the sub-continent of India with all points east. The last route was taken through the old valley of the various Semitic tribes of the Canaanite people,in which they would travel to present day Europe.One example that cannot expalin this costal migration out of Africa of people are the Negritos that presently live in many of the islands in the Philippine Archipelago and they have the exact same DNA as the Pygmies of the Ituri forest in central and east Africa.
    Race has no genetic basis.Not one characteristic,trait or even gene distinguishes all members of one so called race from all members of another so-called race.Human subspecies don’t exist. Unlike many animals,modern day humans simply haven’t been around long enough,nor have populations been isolated enough to evovle into separate subspecies or races. On average,only one of every thousand of the nucleotides that make up our DNA differ one human from another. We are one of the most genetically similar of all species.Race is not a biological science but a social constrict intentionally designed to place a people in categories because of their own bias and prejudices..

    Ronald B. Saunders’s last blog post..Commentary: Why Holder’s Speech Was a Failure

  2. Stephen Leslie 28 September 2010 / 1:57 pm

    This is incredible history lesson.african americans have so much to learn fron african-Braziliansafrican americans think of themselves as the single largestgropu of africans in rthe diaspora,not knowing or understanding the history of Brasil

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