DNAPrint Genomics Introduces Doggie DNAPrint

Dogs, just like humans, have interesting genealogical histories. And a new DNA test unveiled by DNAPrint Genomics will help you examine your dog’s genetic past. The test is aimed at uncovering the relative percentages of four ancient ancestral breeds in a modern dog – wolf-like, herders, hunters, and mastiff. The test, which will retail for $99, examines 204 canine Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs) in the dog genome. For more information, go to www.doggiednaprint.com (not working as of 08/18).

“The test will contain a consent form, mouth swabs, swab envelope, as well as a return envelope. Simply fill out the consent form, follow the step-by-step cheek swab instructions and send the completed consent forms and test swabs in the enclosed return envelope. Within six to nine weeks, participants will receive the results of their dog’s DNA test. These will include raw genetic data, a graphic depiction of the animal’s DNA plus information on how to interpret the results of this DNA test.”

The test also represents a new venture by DNAPrint – a DNA database. Pet owners will be allowed to compare their dog’s score to DNAPrint’s database of purebred and mixed breeds to allow accurate breed identification. I think this is a great move, because one of the most interesting aspects of DNA testing is the ability to compare the results to a database, or to another person.

So I guess my only question is, how do you get a dog to fill out and sign a consent form?

HT: Hsien at EyeonDNA.