Roots – Chris and Alex Haley’s DNA, and the Launch of JeanTree (

At the 2007 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference in August, Alex Haley, the nephew of the Chris Haley – the author of “Roots”, joined the many people who have tested their DNA for ancestral information.  It turns out that his Y-DNA is of European origin.

There’s a post at Megan’s Roots World, a news report at, and the video of Alex swabbing his cheeks for DNA from Roots Television:


The article at KUTV also contains what MUST be a mistake:

“Next week, The Sorenson Cos. plans to roll out a separate DNA-based Web site called Chief Executive James L. Sorenson declined to discuss details Tuesday, although it will rely on a larger DNA database.”

Either Sorenson is planning to sell denim-related products, or the journalist misunderstood “”. Stay tuned for further details about the re-launch of this site.

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  1. Hsien Lei 23 October 2007 / 4:46 am

    I loved that video of Chris Haley. It cracked me up!!

    And oops on the KUTV blurb. teehee

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