SeqWright Launches Personal Genomics Service

logo1.jpgAs I recently mentioned, SeqWright has launched a new Personal Genomics Service. Using a saliva sample, this service will analyze 930,000 SNPs from a customer’s genome using the Affymetrix 6.0 Human SNP Genotyping microarray. SeqWright will then report information back to the customer about “Genetic Health,” “Ancestral Origins,” and “Genealogy.” The cost of the service is $998. According to the website, they “will begin accepting orders for Genetic Profiling Services on Monday January 28 2008.” The official press release is available here.

From the consent form available on the SeqWright website:

“SeqWright will generate its client’s personal genomic data on the Affymetrix 6.0 Human SNP Genotyping microarray. This Array is capable of recognizing approximately 930,000 unique human SNP’s. However, due to individual sample and test variation the number of SNP genotypes that SeqWright will report for a given individual will be a fraction of those SNP’s.”

The SNPs that SeqWright will report are those that are believed to be associated with disease:

“SeqWright will only report SNP’s which we have deemed, through the analysis of publications with significant statistical size and power, to have an established association with a disease state or trait.”

SeqWright provides the usual and very necessary disclaimer that their information is NOT to be used as a substitute for medical information:

“This service cannot be used for medical diagnostic purposes. The state, and dynamic nature, of scientific understanding within this field precludes the use of SNP’s as definitive predictors of disease. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that clients do not use the information provided by SeqWright’s Personal Genomic service as a substitute for a clinical diagnosis or medical advice. Clients with concerns related to the information provided through this service as it pertains to an increased or decreased likelihood of developing a particular disease state, are encouraged to seek medical advice.”

SeqWright joins 23andMe, deCODEme, Navigenics, and Knome in the field of personal genomics, although Navigenics has not officially launched.