Pathway Genomics Officially Launches

imageIn March I announced the unofficial launch of Pathway Genomics, a new company offering genome SNP tests (Note: I am a consultant for Pathway Genomics).  Today the company officially launched, and their press release is below.  There is also an article at Bio-IT World (“Pathway Genomics Joins the Direct-to-Consumer Genomics Parade”).

Press Release:

Pathway Genomics Brings Together Renowned Team of Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Physicians, and a Government Certified Lab to Offer Personal Genetics Services

San Diego, Calif., July 15, 2009—Pathway Genomics, a privately held, venture‐backed company, today announced its launch, including the company’s web site, Pathway Genomics offers affordable genetic tests for under $250, enabling consumers to confidentially learn about their risk for various diseases, adverse drug responses, carrier status, and ancestral history. Leveraging customized and highly innovative DNA genotyping technologies, Pathway Genomics generates the most extensive analysis of an individual’s risk for disease and can trace the path of a person’s maternal and paternal ancestry back more than 150,000 years.

Pathway Genomics is located in San Diego, California and is the only U.S. based direct‐to‐consumer DNA genotyping company with California and CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certification for its wholly owned and operated onsite laboratory. By obtaining both state and federal approvals, Pathway Genomics’ quality standards ensure that genetic information delivered directly to the customer is highly confidential, accurate, and reliable.

“In addition to a strong team of scientists who have made cutting edge discoveries in genetic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, we’ve brought together a seasoned group of entrepreneurs and marketing experts to launch Pathway Genomics,” said Jim Plante, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pathway Genomics.

Pathway Genomics was founded by Mr. Plante, who brings over a decade of experience in technology and preventative health having founded four venture capital‐backed technology companies and launching more than 12 new product lines and services in the consumer products, automotive, wireless, and risk‐management service industries.

Pathway Genomics’ scientific team, consisting of top experts in molecular genetics, biostatistics, and genetic counselors is headed by David Becker, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Becker is most notably recognized for his contribution to Alzheimer’s research. While working at Torrey Pines Therapeutics, Dr. Becker’s team, in conjunction with Rudolph Tanzi, Ph.D., of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School discovered and validated genes that contribute to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease. This discovery was recently acknowledged by Time magazine as the #5 medical breakthrough in 2008.

“Evaluating an individual’s genetic profile is important, but it only reveals part of a person’s health and wellness. The overall picture should also include information about a person’s family history and lifestyle,” said Dr. Becker. “For this reason, we want our consumers to take control of their health by identifying areas in their life that they could change to reduce their risk for developing diseases.” The Founders Fund, Edelson Technology Partners, and Western Technology

Investment provided principle funding for Pathway Genomics. The Founders Fund has invested in a number of high‐tech companies including Facebook, SpaceX, and Quantcast, Edelson Technology Partners has invested in well‐known multinational corporations including Websense and Celgene, and Western Technology Investment has recently invested in PEAK Surgical and EnteroMedics.

Additional information about Pathway Genomics, including a list of diseases, drug responses, and ancestral haplogroups tested using Pathway Genomics’ health and ancestry kits, plus sample reports and step‐by‐step ordering instructions can be found at For the first 500 people to log on to the site, order a kit, and enter the code MYPATH a 15% discount will be applied to the total order.

About Pathway Genomics

Located in San Diego, California, Pathway Genomics is a privately‐held, venture‐backed company that offers affordable, personal DNA genotyping tests for less than $250. As the only U.S. based direct‐to consumer genetic testing company to receive both California and federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) CLIA for its wholly owned and operated onsite laboratory, consumers can access health and ancestry tests to learn about their disease risks, adverse drug responses, disease carrier status, or ancestral history. More information about Pathway Genomics can be obtained by visiting

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  1. Melissa Schumer 15 September 2009 / 3:32 pm

    While several online articles and blogs of this company sound promising, my customer experience with this company has been awful. They have had my profile information and saliva sample for several months, and have yet to provide ANY results. Both times I have contact the company, they have promised refunds due to the delays, which were never provided. And I was assured I would have my results “soon”. No firm commitments as to when. I’m to the point where I am wondering if this is all just a scam, and I got taken.

  2. Consumer Reviews 12 January 2010 / 6:09 pm

    $250 for a genetic test, doesn’t sound all that bad. How long does it usually take them to finish a transaction?

  3. Customer 27 July 2010 / 4:07 pm

    I had the test performed – took about 3 weeks. No problems w/customer service.

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