Michelle Obama’s Slave Ancestry Video Via Genealogy Insider

Megan Smolenyak has been very busy the past couple of weeks sharing her research of Michelle Obama’s genealogy. Genealogy Insider posted this video of Megan on the CBS Early Show on October 8th.  The YouTube video is described as: “The New York Times traced Michelle Obama’s five generation path from slavery to the White House. Harry Smith spoke to Megan Smoleyak the genealogist who uncovered the first lady’s family tree.”

A much more in-depth video is available from the always interesting RootsTelevision at “Michelle Obama’s Roots.”

Congratulations Megan, and great work!

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  2. Serrurier à Paris 24 May 2012 / 4:57 pm

    « La généalogie est une science rigoureusement inexacte, à cause des bâtards. »
    Léo Campion

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