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The following is a press release from GeneTree:

New GeneTree Services Enable Users to Make Sense of Genetic, Genealogy Information

  • New GeneTree Products and Services Focus on Making Genetic, Family History Information Comprehensible and Meaningful to Users
  • As a wholly owned subsidiary of Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, GeneTree is able to Leverage the World’s Most Comprehensive Collection of Correlated Genetic and Genealogical Information on Behalf of Users
  • Re-Designed Web Site Includes Enhanced Content and Features

SALT LAKE CITY (March 31, 2010) – GeneTree today announced that the company has launched a new product offering of integrated genetic and genealogical services unique in the marketplace for its ability to expand users’ knowledge of their genetic and family history connections. The company also announced it has significantly revamped its Web site,

GeneTree’s comprehensive new service offering focuses on integrating two essential sources of human identity: quality genetic tests and industry-standard family history consulting services. In contrast to providers that focus exclusively on anthropological deep ancestry, GeneTree’s product and service offering is designed to help people discover near-term family connections in the last six to ten generations as well as deep ancestral connections.

The company has developed a diverse array of genetic and genealogical consultation services to provide users with a rich sense of their family trees. These services range from providing instruction and support for people who want to make sense of their own research, to comprehensive services for those who prefer that GeneTree conduct research for them. GeneTree’s highly qualified, professional genetic genealogists provide individualized assistance about users’ family trees and how DNA results can help them in their search for connections.

Genetic information informs family history efforts in two primary ways. First, it helps to ensure the accuracy of the genealogical record, by validating family connections and identifying potential errors. Second, genetic analysis expands the universe of connections available to individuals and families for whom written genealogical records have hit a dead end.

GeneTree helped Lueda Thomas of Omaha, Neb., affirm the identity of her ancestor Josiah Sims, correct inconsistencies in two pedigree charts she was studying, and expand her family tree. “I have spent seven years trying to link Josiah Sims into another pedigree chart,” said Thomas. However, there was a 10-year discrepancy between the birth dates attributed to Sims on the two respective pedigree charts, though each reported the same name.

Thomas found two potential living relatives and worked with GeneTree to obtain DNA tests for each of them. Both tests yielded a perfect match and confirmed that the Josiah Sims on both of the pedigree charts she was studying were in fact the same person. In addition, a search in GeneTree’s database revealed another perfect match, providing Thomas with a third newly discovered living family member. “I had exhausted all of my resources and knew that DNA was the only way I could find an absolute answer to this question,” said Thomas.

GeneTree offers a series of DNA tests that can be tailored to the goals of users ranging from individuals to major family history research projects. The company’s genetic testing services, certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), include both Y-DNA (genetic information passed from fathers to sons) and mitochondrial (mtDNA; genetic information passed from mothers to all their children). GeneTree customers can use their DNA results to verify and significantly expand their family trees.

GeneTree’s revamped Web site features a complete redesign, together with practical insight about DNA testing and genealogy. A revised shopping cart contains products and services that enable users to take advantage of the synergies between genetic and genealogical information. In addition, GeneTree’s dynamic DNAvigator online map allows users to trace the geographic connections and migration patterns of their genetic ancestral groups.

“The popularity of shows like Who Do You Think You Are? demonstrate that there is a genuine hunger for people to know who they are fundamentally-what is their genetic legacy and how they fit into the larger family history picture,” said Jeff Wells, CEO of Genetree. “GeneTree is uniquely qualified to help people answer these questions.”

GeneTree clients will also benefit from the relationship with its parent, the non-profit Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF), which has developed the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of genetic information correlated with multi-generational genealogical family pedigrees.

“Our relationship with SMGF enables GeneTree to combine sophisticated DNA analysis with traditional genealogical research to provide our customers with the most complete picture of human identity available anywhere in the world,” said Wells. “The extensive, complementary insights GeneTree customers can obtain through this process are without parallel in making genetic and family history information understandable and useful.”

About GeneTree

GeneTree ( is the leading provider of genetic and family history services that unlock people’s ancestral legacy. Powered by the world’s largest, most comprehensive repository of genetic and genealogical information, GeneTree’s best-in-class genetic testing, genetic genealogy consulting and family history research enable individuals and extended families alike to dramatically extend their family trees.

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