Version 4.0! March 2020 Update to the Shared cM Project!

The Shared cM Project (ScP) is a collaborative data collection and analysis project created to understand the ranges of shared cM associated with various known relationships. The ScP has been very successful, with more than 60,000 submissions from amazing genealogists like YOU! To add your data, the Submission Portal is HERE. I am always collecting data, and hopefully the next update will have more than 100,000 submissions!

The full PDF for Version 4.0 of the Shared cM Project is here and it is ESSENTIAL that you read the full PDF for all the details from the project: The Shared cM Project Version 4.0 (March 2020).

Today, the most recent version of the ScP, Version 4.0, goes live. I’ve taken nearly 60,000 submissions and analyzed the data for almost 50 different relationships. For each relationship the 100s or 1000s of submissions were analyzed to remove outliers, to provide minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation values, and to generate a histogram for the distribution of the submissions. Here are some of the other differences between this new Version 4.0 and the previous version (click to enlarge): ... Click to read more!