A Map to The Genetic Genealogist

I think it is every blogger’s dream to have thousands of readers and rss subscribers waiting for your every post and checking the blog for new information first thing in the morning. Of course, there are very few blogs like that. People typically find new blogs through a variety of means, including links from other blogs, links from social networks or directories, and often through search portals. Here are the current top 15 searches that lead people to The Genetic Genealogist:

  • 23andme
  • genetic genealogist
  • amish genealogy database
  • genetic genealogy
  • anne wojcicki
  • craig venter
  • free matriclan & patriclan dna tests
  • wireless healthcare
  • robson encyclopedia
  • afro-brazilian roots bbc research
  • amish genetic mutations
  • blaine bettinger
  • reunio cohanim
  • mitomap
  • dna african american kittles

How to people find your blog?