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As I mentioned back in June,  Ancestry.com has teamed up with Sorenson Genomics to offer DNA testing.  Today I received the following notification announcing the beta launch of dnaancestry.com.  A Y-DNA test with 33 markers will be $149, while a Y-DNA test with 46 markers will be $199 (if you look at the sample results page, you’ll see a list of the 46 markers tested).  An mtDNA test will be $179, although the exact testing parameters for the mtDNA test are unclear at this point (the website only states that HVR1 and HVR2 will be sequenced).

Introducing DNA Ancestry
We want you to be one of the first to know we’re adding a powerful new dimension to genealogical research by integrating the world’s largest online collection of historical records and family trees with DNA testing. Currently in beta, DNA Ancestry is another way we’re helping people expand their family trees and connect with family across distance and time.

We created DNA Ancestry to help users:

  • Validate existing research.
  • Break through genealogical dead ends.
  • Discover and connect with genetic cousins.
  • Collaborate and expand their family trees.
  • Learn about ancient origins.
  • Review, decipher and save test results safely and conveniently online.

As the DNA Ancestry database grows, we will continue to compare your results with the results from new users and notify you by email when we find potential matches.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a DNA test kit. Your kit will include three collection swabs, an envelope for recording your information and a postmarked return envelope.
  2. Swab the inside of your mouth. Follow the instructions provided, rubbing each swab inside both of your cheeks.
  3. Mail your kit to our labs. We’ll begin analyzing your DNA sample as soon as we receive it. Results are typically available within 2-3 weeks after the lab receives them.
  4. View your results online.
    • Your personal DNA profile
    • A map displaying the location of participants matching your DNA
    • A table comparing your DNA profile with matching profiles
    • A chart showing the range of generations in which you and another participant may share a common ancestor.
    • Safe, secure, and anonymous, e-mail connections with potential genetic cousins
    • A haplogroup prediction, map and migration history

What tests are available?
DNA Ancestry currently offers the following genealogical tests:

Y chromosome 33 marker test $149
Y chromosome 46 marker test $199

  • These tests provide an indicator of the direct paternal line and can be compared to others’ results to find matches signifying relationships
  • Only males can be tested, though females may have a male relative in their paternal line tested by proxy
  • Includes a paternal haplogroup prediction, which indicates the direct paternal line’s ancient ancestry

mtDNA test $179

  • This test includes a maternal haplogroup prediction, which indicates the direct maternal line’s ancient ancestry
  • Both males and females can be tested

What’s next for DNA Ancestry?
Very soon you’ll be able to add your DNA test results to your online family tree. This will make it even easier to connect to the 3 million other Ancestry.com member trees on the site and tap into thousands of hours of completed genealogical research.

Surname Projects
Our initial beta launch of DNA Ancestry Version 1.0 will not include DNA surname projects support. We are taking the input we have received from Project Coordinators surveys, as well as other outside information, and are using it to build DNA Projects in a way that will be better for all of our members. Until then, we encourage project coordinators to continue to build projects and monitor results through the Relative Genetics site with their Relative Genetics login. The project data and members will transfer over to DNA Ancestry with our DNA Ancestry Version 1.1 launch, which is planned for the end of the year.

Already had your DNA tested?
DNA Ancestry has a function that will let users add their test results to the DNA Ancestry database and allow them to connect with others who share their DNA.

Learn more about DNA Ancestry at DNA.Ancestry.com.

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    I am interested in dna and would like to know more is this available in the UK.
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