Are You Thinking About Genetic Testing?

dna-stock_phixr.JPGIf you’re thinking about jumping into the field of genetic testing (whether for genetic genealogy or any other form of genetic test), you should be sure to do some research first. The results of any genetic test are incredibly personal, and can potentially have a huge impact. As a result, the decision to undergo testing should only be made after doing some vital research.

Luckily, a fellow DNA Network blogger has written a post that will help you do this important pre-testing research. Hsien at Eye on DNA has written “How to Prepare Yourself for a Genetic Test.” Hsien provides the following advice:

“Although you can’t change your DNA, it is possible to prep yourself for a DNA test just as it’s possible to prep yourself for a driving test. It is critically important that anyone undergoing DNA testing learn as much as they can about the results they can expect to receive, the interpretation of these results, and the impact results may have on their life choices.”

She then lists and describes 5 different things you can do to prepare yourself for genetic testing. I highly recommend this post to anyone who is thinking about buying a test.

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  1. webduck 18 December 2007 / 3:27 am

    After doing family genealogy for years, at last you come to a point where you jump to the next proof…who do you descend from? I am very interested in a GOOD DNA test “someday” when I can afford it. Actually, it would be my brother that would have to do it. Thanks very much for the informative blog and articles about this kind of testing. It makes decisions that much easier.

  2. Blaine Bettinger 18 December 2007 / 1:06 pm


    I’m glad you found the blog helpful. Good luck on your future genealogy research!

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