About.com:Genealogy – 10 Genealogy Blogs Worth Reading

Kimberly Powell of About.com:Genealogy recently posted “10 Genealogy Blogs Worth Reading.” I was honored to see that I was included as one of those blogs, along with some outstanding company. The others are:

1. Genea-Musings – “Randy’s musings bring out the genealogist in all of us…”

2. The Genealogue – “His unique brand of genealogy humor puts a special spin on just about everything genealogy…” I was saddened to hear that The Genealogue is on temporary hiatus as the author deals with a family situation. I wish Chris and his family all the best and look forward to his return.

3. Ancestry Insider – “…provides the “insider” point of view you won’t easily find elsewhere.”

4. Creative Genealogy – “Through this blog she brings something new to family history enthusiasts…”

5. Genealogy Blog – “Topics run the gamut from genealogy news, press releases and new products, to research techniques and highlights from other blog posts around the Internet.:

6. Think Genealogy – “His blog is an interesting, thought provoking outlet for his thinking about genealogy and genealogy software.”

7. The Practical Archivist – “She writes about archival-safe products and organizing family photos and memorabilia, with plenty of random research and preservation tips sprinkled in.”

8. Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter – “News, reviews and a wealth of insightful commentary on various technologies as they relate to genealogy are the hallmark of Dick Eastman’s blog, read regularly by almost every genealogist I know.”

9. Boston 1775 – “The eclectic content covers New England during the time just before, during and after the Revolutionary War…”

The article also mentioned a number of other fantastic blogs, almost all of which I read on a regular basis (and more that I will probably be adding soon)! They include:

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  1. Jasia 17 January 2008 / 11:48 pm

    Thanks for the link Blaine 🙂

  2. Bee Real 23 May 2008 / 5:04 pm

    Thanks for the list. My family, that I know of, doesn’t have anyone that is researching our family tree. My grandmother I think was working on this at one point but she has now passed. So, I’ve been thinking about undertaking this, just need a starting point. This will probably help me find one.

    Bee Real’s last blog post..Kim Moses Sued Over Joe Montana Memorabilia

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