DNAPrint Genomics and a New Roots Television Video

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak recently wrote “I’m a Euro-Mutt!” about the results of her AncestrybyDNA EuropeanDNA 2.0 test (from DNAPrint Genomics). Megan found that the results of her test were both expected and surprising! From DNAPrint Genomics’ website:

DNAPrint® Genomics’ powerful new EuropeanDNA 2.0 product, further elucidates European sub-ancestry using 1,349 European Ancestry Informative Markers (SNP AIMs). This test reports a customer’s proportional basic continental European ancestry: Southeastern Europe (SEE – Armenian, Jewish, Italian and Greek), Iberian (IB -Spanish, Portuguese), Basque (BAS – Spanish/French Pyrenees border), Continental European (CE – German, Irish, English, Netherlands, French, Swiss and some Italian) and North Eastern European (NEE – Polish, Baltic, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian) ancestry.

For the newbies, this test examines autosomal DNA, which is DNA other than the sex chromosomes and mtDNA. These types of tests will become much more popular as SNP testing and genomic sequencing become cheaper and more widespread.

Roots Television

Have you visited Roots Television lately? Don’t forget that the DNA Channel is available here at TGG (click the Roots Television – DNA Channel button above). Currently featured (under “DNA Testing”) is an interview with Rick Kittles, the co-founder of African Ancestry and a well-known name in the genetic genealogy field.

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  1. Queenie Linderman 23 March 2009 / 3:37 pm

    ANCESTRYBYDNA.COM RIPPED ME OFF. I sent $650.00 to get my mothers DNA done for her before she died. We never got the results.After many phone calls and almost a year later with assurances that everything was fine and we would receive our results, they finally admitted they were going out of business.
    They told me however, that they would gladly reimburse my money but it would take a few weeks for me to see the refund. That was back in January. I tried calling again dozens of times, each time leaving them messages, begging them for my money. I even e-mailed numerous times and got no response there either. Last time I visited their WEB SITE, ANCESTRYBYDNA.COM, all contact information was gone from the site.
    THEY RIPPED ME OFF! I know that when the economy gets better they will start their business back up, probably under a different name. BEWARE!

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