Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage Partner to Combine DNA With Family Trees

As the Guardian reported today in “Genealogy website MyHeritage offers low-cost DNA tests“, Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage have formed a partnership to combine DNA testing with online family trees.  From the press release:

“With close to 220,000 records, FamilyTreeDNA is the largest database of genealogic DNA information in the world. This provides the perfect complement to MyHeritage’s current research tools, giving our members another way to learn about where they come from,” said Gilad Japhet, founder and CEO of MyHeritage. “We help people around the world discover, connect and communicate with their extended family network and easily research their family history. Now, by working with FamilyTreeDNA, we can offer a solution when the paper trail runs out.”

imageAs part of the partnership, Family Tree DNA is offering special pricing to MyHeritage members.  However, readers of TGG can click here to obtain the discount without being a member of MyHeritage.  The following prices are with the discount:

  • Y-DNA25 – a Y-chromosome test for males (US$129)
  • mtDNA – a mitochondrial DNA test for males and females (US$129)
  • Y-DNA25 + mtDNA – a combined Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA test for males (US$219)

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  1. David Rheins 9 December 2008 / 11:39 am

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