’s Genetic Genealogy Webinar

On July 8th, hosted a webinar called “Genetic Genealogy Made Easy.”  The webinar is now posted and can be accessed at any time.  One great thing about a webinar is that it can be multimedia; indeed, this webinar uses both slides and video.

The presentation is pretty basic, but a good source of information for people who are new to genetic genealogy.  The following topics are covered, according to the site:

– DNA testing for genealogy works–in easy terms.
– To understand and apply your results to grow your tree.
– DNA testing can continue to pay off for years.
– Women can benefit from a paternal lineage test.
– To use DNA features: Groups, Transfer to Tree, and Ancient Ancestry. is planning more advanced genetic genealogy webinars in the future.

What is interesting is that the last question from the audience addressed by the webinar regards using genetic genealogy by adoptees.  Whenever I give presentations, I almost invariably receive this question in one form or another.  Seems to be a very common question.