Genetic Genealogy at Public Radio International

PRI’s The World, a weekday radio news magazine, has a new piece by producer Carol Zall entitled “Roots 2.0: Using DNA to Trace My Ancestry.”  The piece makes for a great introduction to genetic genealogy.  I especially like the 35-year-old interview between the young Carol and her grandmother, as well as Carol’s interpretation of her results.

I spoke with Carol a few months about this piece, and she included a few quotes from the interview in the article.  Also included is a 2-minute soundbite of our conversation:

Also featured in the main article are the always-fantastic Daniel MacArthur and Joe Pickrell (you can find both of them at Genomes Unzipped).

Both Daniel and I also contributed short companion pieces:

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  1. CeCe Moore 24 March 2012 / 5:45 pm

    This is so great, Blaine! I had seen Daniel’s blog, but didn’t realize it was part of this larger series. Congrats and thanks for helping to get the word out about the “wonderful world of genetic genealogy”.

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