What’s New With 23andMe?

Although they have not released any new big tools recently, 23andMe is constantly providing new ways for consumers to interact with the company and learn about genetics.

For example, over at Pinterest, 23andMe now has “What We’re Reading,” which is a great way to stay on top of the latest in the field of personal genomics. A number of my fellow genealogists have taken to using Pinterest both as a way to promote their business and as a way to share information or interests. Social media guru Thomas MacEntee has an article at Family Tree Magazine entitled “Using Pinterest for Genealogy Research,” and his own Presentations board, for example. Although I have a Pinterest presence, I haven’t yet used it for genealogy.

Another fun module offered by 23andMe is the DNA Facts Generator. For example, did you know that “12% of 23andMe customers say their feet are not the same size”? Or that “For 21% of migraine sufferers, shopping can be a trigger”? The full list of sources used for the fun facts is here. Note that to view some citations you must be a 23andMe customer and signed into your account.

23andMe has also been in the news recently with several interesting developments. The company recently hired a new legal and regulatory officer, Kathy Hibbs, and is reportedly working with the FDA regarding regulation of tests.

And be sure to read “A Conversation With 23andMe’s Joanna Mountain” on the 23andMe blog. Dr. Mountain frequently interacts with genealogists and has attended several genealogy conferences including last year’s SCGS Jamboree.




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    Dear mr . Blaine do you know if there is any grants that i can apply for . Too help me pay for getting my DNA ? Because I may have too go out of town too get my blood drawn . please help I am 51 yrs. old an I have been looking for my father every since I was 16 ……… an now my children an grand kids want too know where . We come from its hard too tell , your kids grand mother was some mens mistress . and my mother went too her grave with the truth an a lie , rumors , an I trying too give me some peace !”

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