DNAPrint and Bioserve – 600,000 Genetic Genealogy Tests

Genome Technology Online mentioned the new partnership between DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. and BioServe, a company that offers “the Global Repository®, a growing library of over 600,000 human DNA, tissue and serum samples linked to detailed clinical and demographic data from 140,000 consented and anonymized patients from four continents.”

As part of the partnership, DNAPrint will analyze the 600,000 human samples in the Global Repository using the ANCESTRYbyDNA test. According to Richard Gabriel, the CEO and President of DNAPrint Genomics:

“By removing the question of ancestry from a clinical sample researchers can more readily evaluate which medicines will produce side effects within certain ethnic groups, and which medicines will work for the widest spectrum of a population.”

The CEO of BioServe, Dr. Kevin Krenitsky, stated in the press release that “now that we are able to add the genetic ancestry component to our samples, a new layer of sample data quality and analysis can be provided that was not previously available to researchers.”

An order of 600,000 ANCESTRYbyDNA tests will be quite a boon for DNAPrint Genomics, which has been actively seeking markets other than traditional genetic genealogy consumers. And it is possible that this initiative will create a demand for this type of data in many more studies of biological samples.