Family Tree University Webinar – “Using DNA to Solve Family Mysteries”

Using DNA to Solve Family MysteriesTomorrow night at 7 PM EST, I will give a live webinar demonstrating some of the basics of DNA testing for ancestry, including many different ways you can use DNA to solve your family mysteries.  The cost is $49.99, which includes the hour-long webinar and my presentation slides.  This is the second DNA webinar I’ve given for Family Tree University, and the last one was very well received. It is better suited for those who are new to DNA testing or have received their results and are unsure how to apply them.

And if you are unable to attend tomorrow night, you can download the video and slides at any time! I hope to see you there!

From the website:

Using DNA to Solve Family Mysteries

Format: Live Webinar Registration


* you want to explore how DNA can enhance your genealogy research you want to understand more about genetic genealogy ... Click to read more!

Genetic Genealogy in 2050 (or Maybe 2015?)

GeneticGenealogyFutureStamp1Summary: DNA from genetic cousins will be used to recreate the genomes of unknown ancestors who reside completely behind brick walls. While traditional research will often be able to provide a potential identity for the recreated genome, sometimes the individual will be known only by his or her DNA.

Into the Future!

Long-time readers of The Genetic Genealogist know that in addition to writing about the latest developments in genetic ancestry testing, I occasionally write about the future of genetic genealogy based on current trends and developments.  This is something I’ve been doing since at least 2007, with posts like “The Future of Genetic Genealogy” and “A Single Colon Cancer Gene Traced to 1630 – The Future of Genetic Genealogy? ... Click to read more!

A Few of My Favorite Links

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    The 2014 International Genetic Genealogy Conference


    I know I say this every year, but 2014 is shaping up to be the year of Genetic Genealogy. There are many incredible opportunities this year for anyone interested in genetic genealogy to learn more and interact with others.

    For example, just last month RootsTech 2014 featured numerous DNA sessions. This coming June, there will be an entire day of DNA at the 2014 SCGS Jamboree, where I and many other speakers will cover numerous topics related to DNA (see my coverage here and here). Among my presentations at Jamboree will be a completely new lecture that I’m really excited about – “DNA and the Genealogical Proof Standard,” which will be the first presentation completely devoted to the topic, and which I hope will spur some important conversation! ... Click to read more!